www.express2help.com is a unique concept where the founder has come up with the personal organised space and has tried to manage the entire life cycle of an individual in three different journals:

1. Personal Journal
2. Learning Journal (Individual Learning Management System)
3. Wellness Journal

This will help an individual to organize / store their own thoughts, records, learning and precious moments data on the cloud, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere through our website and app. 

The entire data management is in the form of a calendar and it has advanced search options.

The MOOD concept and Gamification is being used for the first time in the personal organised space website / app.  

Happiness Quotient concept is being also used for the first time in the personal organised space website / app

The Mood report and Happiness Quotient score will help the individual to introspect themselves and on need basis they can take advice from IMAGE consultant or Life Style Counselor. 

This is again for the first time that the personal organised space website / app allows to connect with an IMAGE consultant, Life Style Counselor and medical / wellness company website. 

Medical / Wellness company website allows our registered users to access their website and avail offers on various medical lab tests, specialist consultations,  medicines etc. 

Gamification encourages individual to write more and earn higher points and levels.  These points can be redeemed later.

Learning Journal also provides the functionality where learning / teaching institutions can directly send the notes / learning material to the respective individual account, making it as their own LMS for students.    

Individual can even shop through this portal.  This makes it one stop shop for all your needs.