Personal Journal

Personal journal is all about your life, its about you and only about you.

It is very important for all of us to keep a journal.  It helps us in various ways / forms:

  1. To be more creative and productive
  2. To set goals and track their progress
  3. To record our positive thoughts
  4. To express ourself
  5. To record our day to day life
  6. To record important incident and our learning from them
  7. To record our feelings
  8. To record our emotions
  9. To eliminate negative thoughts
  10. To eliminate emotional stress
  11. And many more / etc

It is also said that every person needs to express himself / herself to be happy in life.  There is no point in keeping things in our mind and heart.  We should share it, but very often we cannot share everything with everyone but of course we can share it with ourselves and there is no better way than writing it in a personal journal.

E2H – Personal Journal allows giving a title to your entry and then various categories help you to organize your entries in personal life / professional life / thoughts / incident / personal goals / professional goals / etc. categories in an enhanced manner.  What else even the categories can be added / edited / deleted depending upon your requirement.

To add to it, every entry will be submitted with the type of mood that you select depending your feelings / mood at the time of making / submitting an entry.  This mood will help us to showcase your moods in the mood report and form part of the “Happiness Quotient (HQ)” algorithm.

It further allows you to upload / download data and tag any one / word / location / place/ for future reference.  Date is automatically captured; however the same can be modified depending upon the need.  If there is a need then you can also email your entry to any of the required email ID.  

One of the biggest advantages of using this journal is its advanced search feature.  This helps to retrieve any entry at any point in time.